Facebook, Microsoft halt political spending after Capitol riots

Facebook, Microsoft halt political spending after Capitol riots

Facebook and Microsoft are pausing all political contributions from their respective PACs in response to the violent attack against the US Capitol, the tech companies said. 

“Following last week’s awful violence in DC, we are pausing all of our PAC contributions for at least the current quarter, while we review our policies,” Facebook spokesperson Daniel Roberts told The Post by email.

Roberts said this didn’t apply to political spending at large — just their PAC contributions. 

A Microsoft spokesperson said their PAC decided last Friday to halt any political donations “until after it assesses the implications of last week’s events.” 

“The PAC regularly pauses its donations in the first quarter of a new Congress, but it will take additional steps this year to consider these recent events and consult with employees,” the spokesperson said. 

The move comes as Facebook and other tech companies face criticism, and praise, for de-platforming President Trump and a host of his supporters. 

A slew of other corporations, including Marriott, Citi and Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, are also revisiting their political spending, Axios reported. 


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