Letters to the editor — Jan. 14, 2021

Letters to the editor — Jan. 14, 2021

The Issue: Delays in New York’s distribution of the COVID vaccine that caused doses to be thrown out.

Only in New York would bureaucratic red tape hamper the distribution of the badly needed COVID vaccine (“Rx for Vax Disaster,” Editorial, Jan. 13).

I work for a city-run agency so I’m not surprised. Vaccines going to waste because not enough of the selected group can receive the shot and fining health-care providers for administering vaccines to people out of order on the priority list only illustrate how bureaucracy and unnecessary paperwork slow down badly needed services in the city.

This reminds me of when Hurricane Katrina flooded New Orleans and the government didn’t want New Orleans residents to use their private boats to save people from the flood waters until they received approval from FEMA.

Since when has government approval been a requirement to save lives?

James Johnson


At the beginning of the pandemic, people waited for Gov. Cuomo’s daily reports to give us updates and reassure us.

Now, despot Cuomo is holding the vaccine hostage if his protocols are not met. He would rather they be discarded than have them put into our arms if it’s not approved by him.

His idiotic feuding with the mayor is ridiculous. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but for once Mayor de Blasio has become the voice of reason.

S. Kane


Doses of life-saving vaccine have been thrown away because they were about to expire, and New York’s Democratic mono­lith man­dates threatened the providers with dire penalties if any were used outside of the politically correct guidelines.

“Grim-Reaper Andy’s” actions resulting in thousands of nursing-home deaths haven’t even been fully documented, and as more people die because he values political appearance over rational performance, all you “gotta vote Democratic” idiots should realize you share the bloody hands Andy can’t ever clean. Shame on you all.

Richard J. Ceonzo


The vaccine has been out since December 2020, and there seem to be problems getting the needle into the arms of people who so desperately want our society to be healed of COVID.

Cuomo has complicated the distribution of it so much that it has problems reaching the general public. Let’s simplify the process so that we can expedite everyone to get a dose.

One possible solution: Have the centers that test for COVID also have a supply of the vaccine.

For example, here in Co-Op City, there’s a place for the testing of the virus that constantly has long lines of those waiting to be tested.

If we’d started giving those at this facility the vaccine since last month, we would be further down the road to getting this virus behind us. It sounds like common sense to me.

Tom Tortorella

The Bronx

New York City has lagged way behind in giving vaccines, despite a stockpile of medical equipment.

Critics charge that state rules are too restrictive. In one day, Israel immunized more people than New York City has since Dec. 14, and they have similar populations. Furthermore, New York City vaccinated 6 million against smallpox in one month in 1947.

Cuo­mo’s incompetence and stupidity is costing lives every day.

Manny Martin


Is it any surprise that our dynamic duo of Cuo­mo and de Blasio have failed us again?

Cuomo is more concerned with political correctness than with speed and efficiency, hence his micromanagement and the bottleneck of distribution.

The quicker the distribution, the quicker the herd immunity, the quicker everyone will benefit. Political correctness and the fear of offending someone or a particular group is literally killing us.

Vaccines remain unadministered, doses have to be thrown away for fear of being fined for vaccinating out of turn, and Cuomo only cares about his political career.

What sheer idiocy and foolishness.

Karl Olsen



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