Massive chunk of California’s Highway 1 collapses after storm

Massive chunk of California's Highway 1 collapses after storm

A section of California’s storied Highway 1 has closed down after collapsing amid torrential rain storms Friday.

The scenic cliffside road is closed for 20 miles in both directions south of Big Sur, according to a report.

A spokesman for the California Department of Transportation called the damage, which has washed away part of the road, a “slip out.”

“It’s where we lose a part of the highway and now we’re facing a project to clean and repair that stretch,” Jim Shivers told the San Francisco Chronicle, adding that maintenance crews have been dispatched to the highway to scout out more damage.

Photos of the roadway show a large part of the road missing. Shivers said he could not estimate when the road would be reopened as engineers are still assessing the damage.


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